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PEO Comparison

Real simple, we save you time and money when looking for a PEO.  Regardless if you are looking to get out of a current agreement or this is your first time working with PEOs.


When looking for a PEO, organizations typically meet with anywhere from three to five vendors in order to determine what they need.  Each of those vendors has a different solution, pricing methodology, and benefits package.  All with a complete marketing strategy to make them look the best.  That's where Pratura can help.


We become your advocate and PEO broker.


We meet with all the vendors to remove the fluff and come back with options.  Options that make sense for your business and have been screened based on your criteria.  We walk you through the process and help you negotiate the package and pricing. We do all the leg work saving you time and money.


We make your needs our business.

It is this dedication to a process that has earned us the

reputation of being the premier service provider and trusted

consulting partner in the nation.  

And the best part is we don't cost you a thing.

PEO Comparison
PEO Cost Reduction

Were you aware that there are over 700 PEOs registered in the United States?  There is competition for your business from each and every one of them.  It is with that in mind that Pratura Group can help.  We have the tools, the knowledge, and the resources to help you understand your costs.  


The billing method that made sense a few years back could be costing your organization thousands of dollars today.  Maybe you did not pay any overtime or bonuses back then, but 20% of your wages today are wages that were not accounted for when you signed your original service agreement. 


Do you know what this could be costing you in extra fees?


 Let us take a look and determine opportunities to save your business money and renegotiate your contract to more favorable terms.

PEO Cost Reduction
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