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How a PEO Helps with HR

​​One of my favorite parts of working with PEOs are the HR services that they bring to the table. They have so many resources available to their small business clients that many clients don't even know what they have available. A PEO can literally help transform your business.

I am going to outline just a few examples in order to illustrate how comprehensive a PEO solution can be.

You could say they handle everything from start to finish .... or hire to term.

Here we go:

* Applicant Tracking

* Background Checks

* New Hire Onboarding

* Benefits Enrollment

* Payroll Processing

* Employee Benefits

* Training & Development

* HR Policies

* Succession Planning

* Termination Support

* COBRA Administration

* Unemployment Administration

This is just a small sample of what a PEO can handle. In future posts, we will dig deeper into each one of these solutions and how they can impact a small business.

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